” The Flambuoyants”, Upton, St. Michael, is the garden of Mr. & Mrs. Michael Weetch.


Hillcrest”, Upton, St. Michael, is the garden of Mr. & Mrs. James Howard-Tripp.”


                                   OPEN GARDEN PROGRAMME 2016



                                    Open from 2:00 pm – 6:00 pm

                                    Tea and Refreshments will be on Sale


The owners of this garden, James and Karen Howard-Tripp have tried to create a refuge and peace in a built up area. The couple has lived for five years in the house and they have created a number of small spaces that are different to wander through. There is a small pond, falling water, flower beds, paths and shade areas. A hedge has been grown for privacy and there are a number of smaller flowering plants and creepers. This garden is an ongoing and ever evolving venture.

The garden of Michael and Jennifer Weetch at “The Flamboyants”, Upton Hill, St Michael has evolved over the years, designed with a series of rooms under huge Flamboyant trees, the challenge of a shady garden.


Directions to Upton: From the ABC Highway continue along as far as the roundabout nearest to the Samuel Jackman Prescod Polytechnic. Go around the roundabout going past “Designer Décor” on your left and follow the highway southbound going down the hill. Take the left turn off the highway before getting to the tall FLOW building. Continue along this road and take the left turn into Upton Road. BHS Open Garden signs will guide you along the way.

Directions to Upton: Coming from the south coast travel north going past the Massy Supermarket on your left up Rendezvous Hill until reaching the roundabout which brings you on to the Highway. Take the 1st left exit off the roundabout which will bring you into the one way system heading towards Wildey. Continue along remaining in the right hand lane which will bring you past a Sol Gas Station, then Courtesy Garage and the CIBC First Caribbean Bank on your right. Upon reaching the junction remain in the right lane going past the Rubis Gas Station on your right and follow the road which will bring you back onto the Highway. Follow the Highway up the hill as far as the next roundabout go around this roundabout passing two exits where you will then be heading south back down the hill. Take the first left turn off the Highway before the tall FLOW building and continue along this road taking the left turn into Upton Road. There will be BHS signs to guide you along the way.


Admission charges are $15.00 for Non Members, $10.00 for Members and children under 12 years are free.