Chelsea Awards

BHS Successes at the Chelsea Flower Show

Year  Title of Exhibit Award Won
1988 Flowers and Orchids of Barbados Silver Gift
1989 Rum Barrels, Cane Bills and Cane Gold
1990 Coconut and Plaited Leaves Frontage Silver Gilt
1991 Baskets and Large Heliconia Feature Gold
1992 Grass Skirts Gold
1993 The Chattel House Gold
1994 Rum Shop Silver Gilt
1995 The Old Mill Silver Gilt
1996 Sun, Sea and Sand Gold
1997 Many Happy Returns Silver Gilt
1998 Cricket Lovely Cricket Gold
1999 Reef Garden Gold
2000 Flower Market Gold
2001 Tropical Spectacular Gold
2002 Tropical Sunset Garden Gold
2003 Old Plantation Yard Silver Gift
2004  Flowers and Fibre of Barbados Gold
2005  Moonlight 13º North – Barbados Gold
2006 Go Barbados Gold
2007 A Touch of Magic Silver
2008 This is Barbados – Where else? Silver Gilt
2009 Beautiful Barbados Silver Gilt
2010 Sugar Factory Ruins – Reclaimed Gold
2011 Into the Light Gold
2012 Summer Holiday Silver Gilt
2013 Celebrating UNESCO World Heritage Silver Gilt
2014 Sailor’s Valentine Garden Gold
2015 Gully Adventure Gold