BHS Plant Sale!

Dear BHS Friends and Family, We hope this message finds you well! The Covid-19 environment has caused the postponement of many of our signature events but we do have one coming up for you. We invite you to our first fundraising Plant Sale for 2021 which will be held... read more

Changes in Light of Covid-19

Good morning BHS Friends and Family, In light of the Covid-19 pandemic that we are all currently facing and the need for safety above all else, our Committee of Management has decided to postpone our 2021 Annual Flower and Garden Show, to a date still to be... read more

3rd and Final Open Garden for 2020: David and Noreen Bayley!

BARBADOS HORTICULTURAL SOCIETY OPEN GARDEN SUNDAY  –  FEBRUARY 23, 2020 AT THE PROPERTY OF DAVID & NOREEN BAYLEY RETREAT WOODS – ST. GEORGE The first impression one gets is that Noreen is a very keen and avid gardener, with a close affinity to plants.... read more

2nd Open Garden for 2020! Mr. Ole dam Mikkelsen!

OPEN GARDENS 2020 OLE DAM MIKKELSEN GIBBS HILL, ST. PETER SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 16TH, 2.00 – 6.00 PM Ole dam Mikkelsen bought an old abandoned canefield 35 years ago and with the help of two men started creating the amazing garden he has today. Ole who is Danish by birth... read more