MARCH 20th Lower Greys House, Christ Church

Home of Mrs Jennifer Mumford

Open from 2:00 pm – 6:00 pm
Tea and refreshments will be on sale

The main entrance to Lower Greys is through imposing wrought iron gates to the west, however as parking is limited in the yard, entrance to the garden will be through the East gate from the pasture. As you enter through this gate on to a large lawn you will be overwhelmed by the profusion of colour and the large and interesting assortment of flowering shrubs – Crotons, Ginger Lilies, Hibiscus, Crown of Thorns, Plumbago, Begonias, Cordylines interspersed with many varieties of Palms and Aralias all competing to be seen. Bismarck Palms encircle a small Mango tree laden with blossoms! Unique benches made from massive tree roots invite one to sit and enjoy the beauty of this part of the garden. One can also enjoy the cooling breezes and garden from the veranda on this side of the house.
The house faces north and either side of the imposing front steps is an amazing assortment of foliage including a dwarf Banana plant and shrubs pruned and trimmed to perfection. The most recent addition is a lovely Water Lily pool with statues of Herons while giant Bismarck palms stand guard to the east and west of the pool. The house overlooks what is left of the original orchard with some of the original fruit trees namely Carambola, Mango, Mammy Apple, Breadfruit and Orange trees. Mrs. Mumford is gradually adding to this part of the garden so please watch your step. To the east stately Cabbage palms line either side of a path to another gate.
To the north west the winding path bordered by colourful Impatiens leads one through the newly built Pergola complete with a small fountain attached to the wall of the original water tank.
To the west of the house the brick path leads one past a raised lily pool with a fountain of the Conch Boy holding a Conch shell from which the water spills. There are also lots of Koi fish in this pool. This path continues to the west veranda and swimming pool. Teas and cool drinks will be available on this veranda.
After completing renovations to the house Mrs. Mumford turned her attention some four years ago to establishing the garden and insists that it is “a work in progress”. She is to be commended for creating such a masterpiece in just a few years.
The Barbados Horticultural Society is very grateful to Mrs. Mumford for opening her garden for us at such short notice and we are confident that all our visitors will thoroughly enjoy the garden and afternoon.


From the roundabout at Coral Ridge take exit for Windsor & Lower Greys. Go down the hill and turn right at BHS sign on road before EZ Pave. Follow road and track to ample parking on pasture and enter the garden through the East gate. From Boarded Hall roundabout pass the new housing development and turn right at green Directional sign “Newton, St.Patricks, Airport”. Turn left at BHS sign and then right at BHS sign on road before EZ Pave and follow road and track to the parking area.

Admission is $15 to the public and $10 to fully paid-up members of the Barbados Horticultural Society on presentation of a valid membership card.