Andromeda Gardens is offering a Garden Design One Day Workshop:

It takes place on Saturday 9th September, 2017  from 9am until 4pm. Course literature is included. BD$130.00.

This Workshop provides an intensive introduction to designing gardens, enabling participants to fully understand key aspects. It is aimed at anybody with an interest in plants and gardens and provides a theoretical basis for the design of gardens. 

  1. Definitions and Principles of Garden Design  balance, rhythm, focal points, scale and proportion, unity.
  2. Elements of Garden Design – space division, features, utility areas, style of planting, colour, texture, lines of definition, shape, form and mass, garden styles.
  3. A Brief History of Garden Design Ancient gardens, Persian gardens, Islamic gardens, formal gardens of Europe, the landscape gardens of England.
  4. Influential Garden Designers – Roberto Burle Marx, Martha Schwartz, Luciano Giubbilei, John Brookes

Simply call 433-9384 or email for more details and a registration form.