SUNDAY  –  FEBRUARY 23, 2020



The first impression one gets is that Noreen is a very keen and avid gardener, with a close affinity to plants. At the entrance are pots of various sizes with Cactus and a Water Feature.  On making a left turn to the main garden, you will see roses, Amarylis and Palms.  In the area by the steps are various flowering plants, there is also a Fountain and a number of Air plants.   On the Northern side of the garden is a small Fat Pork shrub.  Going towards the Eastern side of the property is an Herb garden, and the area by the Porch is a collection of different plants.  Moving further through the garden is a small Shade House with Orchids, Ferns, Palms and shade loving plants.   

As you move along the paved walkway of Palms, to the left you will see fruit trees, on the right there is an Ornamental Grass next to a large rock reclaimed from the property. Also in this main area you will find more flowering plants, and looking towards the south there are Bromeliads, Heliconias, Cacti and Ginger Lillies. There is also an Aviary with Lovebirds.

Along the path leading to the front of the home you will find numerous Gingers and Heliconias and as you approach the Terrace, you will see a selection of Orchids on the side of the steps, as well as pots of Sanseviera. 

Admission: $15.00 – BHS Members $10.00.  The garden will be open from 2.00 pm – 6.00 pm. A selection of Teas and cold Drinks will be available for sale on the Open Terrace.

Directions:  From St George Parish Church, head up the hill pass the Glebe Polyclinic. Drive straight up Gun Hill, and follow the road going towards Orchid World. The entrance is the last right turn BEFORE you reach Orchid World, i.e. opposite Groves corner. Yellow and Green BHS Open Garden signs will be posted along all routes. 

*You may also use the following google link:

Open Garden 3

Open Garden 3